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The site was last updated: Saturday, 09 March 2002


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Last updated:  Wednesday December 19, 2001

History of Amiga-Classics
Written to commemorate the opening of Amiga-Classics on Sunday, 22 July 2001
July 2001:  After selling my first Amiga some 6 years ago, I wanted to get involved again and decided to go out and buy one.  After setting it up and playing all night on it, I decided to look around the web on the PC downstairs for some sites.  Plenty of Amiga 4000/3000/2000/1500 type sites but none that mention the 500/500+/600 or 1200?  That's what started it all and I began work on Amiga-Classics.

December 2001: After a quiet time, Amiga Classics has started to come back to life.  With new pages and content.


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