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The site was last updated: Saturday, 09 March 2002


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Dizzy starred in the following Amiga games:

  • Magicland Dizzy
  • Fast Food
  • Kwik Snax!
  • Treasure Island Dizzy
  • Fantasy World Dizzy
  • Bubble Dizzy
  • Prince of the Yolkfolk
  • Panic Dizzy
  • Spellbound Dizzy


Putty is...errrrl....a blue piece of putty?  He if a very versatile character.  He can stretch, inflate, absorb badies, and more.   

Photo to come


Rick Dangerous

Rick Dangerous is the Amiga version of Indiana Jones.  Carry his trusty pistol and dynamites, the aim of the first game is kill the bad guys basically.


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